An apparatus which measures work or energy expended during a period of physical exercise


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These classes utilise the Concept2 range of RowErgs, SkiErgs and BikeErgs, often in combination with simple weighted or bodyweight movements, for a complete functional workout to challenge body and mind.

Our coaches will be ‘tuning your engine’ and developing your technique to help you get the most out of every bead of sweat! They’ve delivered seminars across the world and actively coach some of CrossFit’s top athletes and are excited to direct that same level of focus into you! Every workout is programmed in-house with the same level of care and attention the world’s top performing athletes receive.

These classes are for EVERYONE! From people just starting their fitness journey, recreational and aspiring athletes, all the way through to elite athletes… and we’re proud to support you all!

We’ve partnered with ErgZone, the leading app for tracking your erg workouts. This tech enables us to set guidance pace for every interval of every workout, that is 100% tailored to your level of ability, so that every individual gets the right level of push.

With multiple coached classes day and night, Monday to Sunday, we’ve got you and your lifestyle covered.

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