The CrossFit Open 2024

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to the CrossFit Open, propelling One Crew CrossFit into the top 100 CrossFit boxes in Europe!!

For those that haven’t signed up yet… listen up!

What is it?
It’s the first round of qualification towards the CrossFit Games but more-so it’s an incredible benchmark of your fitness, with 3 workouts over 3 weeks to test your broad level of fitness.

Who is it for?
Literally for EVERYONE! So often people ask if they are fit enough to enter and the answer is always YES! Workouts are written specifically to be accessable to every level of ability, with scaling options to accommodate you all.

Why do it?
Fast forward a year and you’ll wish you had! This is a benchmark of fitness. In another 12 months at CREW, you’ll be fitter and stronger and you’ll be so happy when the Open rolls around again in 2025, that you did it in 2024, so that you can measure your progression.

When is it?
Workouts are released 29th Feb, 7th Mar and 14th Mar. At CREW, we’ll run the workouts throughout classes on 1st, 8th and 15th March. There’ll be a massive VIBE during these sessions, not to be missed! If you can’t make a Friday session, you’ve still got until the following Monday evening for each workout, to submit a score. Come in and we’ll be here to help.

How do I sign up?
Just follow the link below. It only costs $20 (~£15). Worth every penny just to be a part of this community event. Sign up under affiliate name:



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